Trustee vacancy

About the current board of Trustees

The Trust’s Board is currently composed of 11 Trustees with a range of backgrounds and bringing together various areas of expertise including management, public service, environmental conservation and academia. All Trustees are also Directors of the Board and members of the incorporated charitable company. They promote the Trust’s mission and values, provide high quality governance in accordance with requirements of charity law and good practice, guide its strategic development and support its work by drawing on their personal contacts and experience.

New appointment

We are seeking applications for a new Trustee. Any applicant would need to support our vision, mission and activities; and be passionate about the protection and enhancement of reproductive health and rights in the context of a world with a growing population.

We are particularly interested in applicants who would be able to act as Treasurer Trustee; and/or have a strong network of contacts, significant commercial and fundraising experience or connections to help staff drive forward the Trust’s income generation activities.

The newly appointed Trustee will be expected to attend three half-day Board meetings each year (around nine hours per annum) as well as be involved in any strategic decision making processes which arise from time to time. The Trustee would be requested to attend other events of the Trust or relevant to the Trust from time to time. Additionally, the newly appointed Trustee will be expected to support the Board of Trustees and staff of the Trust to further strengthen financial management by acting as Treasurer Trustee, including providing leadership in relation to the Trustees’ input the Trustees’ Annual Report and Financial Statements; and/or use the Trustee’s networks and experience to support the Trust drive income generating activities, with a particular emphasis on unrestricted funding.

The closing date for applications is 31 December 2017. For further information please contact David Johnson the Trust’s Chief Executive by email.