We train UK clinicians

We train doctors, nurses and others on contraception and sexual health. From our flagship Margaret Pyke Conference, to bespoke training for doctors, nurses, midwives and other professionals working in primary and secondary care, the Trust provides the broadest range of contraception and sexual health training in the UK.

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We develop international projects

We partner with organisations in low- and middle-income countries to ensure improvements in family planning information and services. For instance, in South Africa, working with TVEP, our Nndwakhulu project integrates family planning improvements into TVEP’s programmes combatting sexual and gender based violence. In Uganda, our USHAPE programme improves contraceptive service provision and sexual health knowledge in rural areas where our Ugandan partner communities and organisations tell us there is great need. Some of these rural areas are also of particular environmental significance.

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We work to change global policy

We are the only member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature with 50 years’ family planning expertise, because barriers to family planning are critical issues for those who are passionate about improving health, gender equality, and empowerment, and those who are passionate about the conservation of biodiversity, the environment and sustainability. We coordinate the Population & Sustainability Network, a global alliance, promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights as a critical element of sustainable development.

By using our reproductive health and conservation expertise we have created a global movement. Launched on World Population Day in 2019, Thriving Together is a first of its kind campaign, bringing together health and conservation organisations. Read more at www.ThrivingTogether.Global.