We train healthcare professionals in contraception and sexual health. We partner with other environmental and health organisations, to improve sexual and reproductive health services, provide livelihoods and conserve biodiversity. We change biodiversity and climate policy to support reproductive choice.

SRH & Contraceptive Training

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Family Planning & the Environment

Find out more about our project work with conservation organisations and our work to change biodiversity policy and climate policy.

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We have been a leader in contraception and sexual health for over 50 years.

Today, we provide doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals with the broadest range of contraception and sexual health training options in the UK.

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22 June 2023

SRH Essentials

Training for primary care practitioners

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30 June 2023 - 13:00

Margaret Pyke Webinar

Management of Irregular Bleeding

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14 July 2023

SRH Essentials

Training for primary care practitioners

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We change biodiversity and climate policy.

Our projects demonstrate the importance of removing barriers to family planning for the conservation of nature and as a critical element in the response to climate change.


Find out how an NGO with our family planning background is changing environmental policy and practice.

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We design and develop projects, with partners, integrating family planning and conservation action.

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Got questions on the connections between family planning and environmental conservation? Don't know what barriers to family planning are? We've got quick answers here.

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